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The Importance of Hiring a Traffic Violation Attorney

Once you’re given a citation for any sort of traffic violation in Fairfax, you’re entitled to due process and fair trial. If charged with DUI, hit and run, or speeding, you life can be adversely affected, making it vital that you resolve the problems as if you’re facing more severe criminal charges. It helps to engage a traffic ticket lawyer Fairfax County provides if accused of such violations for help coming up with a viable court defense or plea bargain toward limiting the severity of any potential conviction and sentencing.

Probing Accusations

Any charges brought against you can be investigated by your criminal defense attorney, and there’s always the possibility of some of them being dismissed in the end. The lawyer examines the circumstances leading up to the evidence, ascertaining the protection of your rights and your proper treatment. If the police violated your rights, your attorney may contest all charges, leading to dismissal or reduction.

Court Proceedings and Conviction

In case of court proceedings, potential results for the trial are many, and as such, all these are taken into account when formulating how to defend yourself. One option that may be viable is plea bargaining. In that case, you and the prosecution strike a consensus where you own up to some of the accusations, and in turn, the prosecutor agrees to some compromises, like a less severe sentence or removal of certain accusations. Depending on what exactly you’re being accused of as a traffic offender, plea bargaining may get you community service, a shorter jail time, suspended fines, or charges set aside. Certain driving privileges may also be denied as a result.

Letting a traffic attorney Fairfax County provides take up your case is highly recommended for they’re capable of studying the specific accusations against you so as to deliver legal options with the most favorable prospects for your trial. Whether you’re facing DUI, DWI, speeding, or reckless driving in Fairfax, let a criminal defense attorney work closely with the court toward obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

Driving Priviledges and Expungements

If your driving license has been suspended following traffic violations, it’s possible to have the suspension lifted and your driving privileges restored. Again, you can have an attorney look into this and present a solid case to have your license reinstated. Your lawyer should similarly assess the likelihood of sealing any record of your offenses off public access by expunging it, particularly when your accusations were withdrawn, set aside, or satisfied through community service or any other prosecution concessions.

Enlist a criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax County for help with your traffic violations case.

The Art of Mastering Attorneys

The Art of Mastering Attorneys